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Sunday, 6 September 2015

Threats to black list I Need A Drop in Uganda .

National Theatre has refused to associate with my film I NEED A DROP for reasons that , it's not an art piece according to them , but rather a political movement , especially now when we are in election time , this news came to me in sort margin between now and the would be first  ever press conference, i was preparing on this very theater premises last  Friday @ 10 ;00 am like i had early informed the media in this country , the conference was intending to create a mass platform where i could pass a formal statement on why i have filmed this , and what i would proposes to government of Uganda in the next 30 years ,if we are to make safe , clean water points for all in Ugandan by 2045 , all in all , , i didn't have a choice like it has always been , no need of creating room for illusion , so i have accepted to call for next venue , but formal communication will be done to several news rooms and independent journalists , like i did while inviting you early last week . there fore , we have decided to look for a new place where i can stand with my tight jeans , and pass this statement . we strongly apologies to all media practitioner in Uganda , that had already prepared their gadgets to tape this . but i must say , this challenge is not going to make me relax in any way not till ,i see safe , clean water points that are affordable and accessible for all of us . infect , it has instead over empowered me emotionally , more than when i lost the first footage for this every film , among other threats i have been confronting for the last 1 and half year when this project become public , i promise you , the people of Uganda , that if you believe that , accessing , clean , safe water points is for all of us with out any sort of prejudice , let you be poor , young or vulnerable in any case , then we can achieve this together , Julian Nabunya \ director /i need a drop ,

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